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Are Companies Training How to Operate Controls on Video Chat?

May 8th 2023

Yes! There are companies that are using video chat to train employees using controls. These companies use video chat to provide remote training to employees who need to learn how to operate machinery or equipment that is located in a different location. During the training, the instructor can use video chat to provide real-time guidance and support, while the trainee operates the machinery or equipment using remote controls.

For example, Caterpillar, a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment, uses video chat to train its service technicians on how to diagnose and repair equipment remotely. The company provides its technicians with remote-controlled machines that they can use to practice their skills, while the instructor provides guidance and feedback via video chat. Similarly, Boeing uses video chat to train pilots on how to operate its flight simulators, which are located in a different location from where the pilot is located. The instructor can provide guidance and support to the pilot during the training session, while the pilot operates the simulator using remote controls.